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A Rant


The reality-experience — the indescribable vast, utter immovability of the infinitely present Now — I’ve got zero problem with. It’s no mere concept or idea for me: it is an unshakeable (except in some exceptional trauma-dipping) moment-to-moment living humming-silence experience that I’m seldom ever experientially separate from. (I need to say this just for the next point.)

But there is a split-screen experience, sometimes, when moving through the world of human experience that appears: this world which can entertain a savage, insane, unrelentingly blood-curdling war of purposeless carnage and pure annihilation to just be happening simultaneous to the mass-gathering of humans in a desert-spot filled with buildings and people who don’t belong there, gathered merely to watch, scream, cheer, and celebrate a little round ball of AIR be moved back and forth across a surface of grass for a few weeks. And the uncountable cost of material resources, the vast expulsion of carbon into the atmosphere for centuries hence, the mountains of tossed away plastic and packaging, the unseen hidden overproduction of useless temporary materials, cheap food substitutes, the useless merchandise clothing, cups, pens, shoes, the untold millions of miles of air-and-car travel to get to this forsaken desert spot and back (much of it by ghastly, climate-killing private jetting), the wretched receipt of death is endless, and incalulable —everything celebrating the movement of that sack of empty air. And this is but one time-limited “sports“ event…!

The human experience just boggles whatever insight I might (or might not, as you wish) have into the true nature of reality itself, this never-coming-never-going infinite Now-suchness. We seem to be something operating wholly outside the bounds of any and all natural reality. We have been operating outside the bounds of the plainest, sanest truth for so fucking long that we don’t have the faintest glimpse of what it might look like anymore, such is the divorce.

This is what traffic looks like in LA two days before Thanksgiving / Twitter
Thanksgiving Day travel in America. Just one day of traffic on one freeway among tens of thousands in just one country.

And therefore the coming collapse — like the vicious war and the egregious profligacy of such (or any) mass sports event — actually has its own perfectly twisted logic. The only planet (we know of) that has given rise to organic life, complexly organized, is obliterated by the only species among its billions that calls itself “human”. And we have the audacity to commit such a significant portion of our material resources to some deity who we pointlessly beseech to “save“ us! The temerity is gobsmacking!

Homo sapiens, my ass. And you would call me an alien?


Whew! Got that little burp out of the system.


[End of rant.]

Back to Silence


Our first major short-retreat since pre-pandemic. We are booked out, with friends coming from as far away as Korea, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, and various parts of Germany: it will be a full house.

We will be offering a FREE livestream of the retreat on our YouTube channel, for those who are interested. Originally, we offered a paid link. But the signups led us to conclude that we could reach the Dharma to more people by just slumming around on YouTube for everybody, and for free. Please join us, in silence: cloudpath108.

Jetlag Days


The flying experience between Asia and the West used to be fairly easy. Maybe because that was so commonplace for me. But with the first trip to Asia in seven years, you notice how the resilience of the brain changes. Melatonin, though dosed high, doesn’t dent the armour of Morpheus. Even mantra isn’t quite so effective as it used to be.

Luckily there is a stack of books by the bed-mat…

Big Mistake



Because we always need to help people attain True Self, True Nature, nirvana, enlightenment, before-thinking mind, satori, kenshō, true consciousness, Christ-nature, god-nature, Buddha-nature, Buddhahood, self-transcendence, “emptiness”, before-thinking mind, only-don’t-know, true Being, Atman, Brahma, no-I, Big I, True I, Gnosis, Dharma, blah blah blah blah — the utterance of even any one of them a complete step away from the actual muchness — there it is again! — itself.

That’s why Zen Master Seung Sahn would say, ““Opening your mouth [to describe ‘it’] is already a big mistake.”

It’s why I so often just take a break from this blog or any kind of communication. What’s the fucking point? Just more mistake on top of mistake on top of mistake…