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Anxiety as Time-Travel


I might never have seen such a terse and accurate depiction of the nature of the condition we might call “anxiety“.

The particulars of these graphics notwithstanding, this meme has expressive dimensions which are deeply pregnant with helpful meaning and profound, terse insight.

“Anxiety” means multi-shifting uncontrollably between differing states of constructed pseudo-realities which do not actually exist – – the manipulated past, an elusive present, and an imaginary, shape-shifting future:

After seeing this graphic, I will never, ever address the matter of “anxiety“ the same way again. “Anxiety“ is only “time travel”, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

What a true simplification — this graphic is fucking brilliant!

On the Road


This is how the Dharma moves: overland, hugging valleys and rivers, swaying with rhythmic pushings here and there against an ass imprinted too long on a seat, in the dark, with seriously drunk-off-their-asses people wandering between cabins, and the knowledge that this correspondent will quite likely be kicked out of his seat when ticket-holders with reserved seats for this compartment board the train in Austria in a few minutes.

This might be one way that the Dharma moves. (At least this week.)

The cabin mates that karma has brought together — one of them is seriously on drugs, or so it seemed until he suddenly passed out.

Nice to #zenmove You

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It is always an amazing synergy, connecting with this special person, the inimitable Stefan Schwitter. We had a wonderful encounter with his team and membership at the brain child of his, Zenmove, in central Zürich. Several hours of silent sitting, walking meditation, chanting, and Q&A about meditation practice and life with some truly beautiful souls, I was deeply touched by the experience.

In addition to being a high-level fitness expert, a former pro-wrestler who has recently earned his second world record, Stefan developed a high-tech fitness/relaxation program which is centered in the teachings of Zen. He guides top-level athletes from Swiss national and professional sports teams and Olympic events, and regular folk like you and me. I have already prepared a more informative blog post about this man and his work, but it is waiting for his second world record to be officially certified in order for me to release this publicly. It is coming in the next few weeks.

Suffice it to say that, before I met Stefan, if you asked me if Zen and fitness training could ever be married, and still remain faithful to the work of meditation, I might have laughed pretty hard at you. Stefan has developed a genius program which must be experienced to be believed. And the amazing, almost unbelievable aspect of his innovative training program, is that it only takes 24 minutes to complete. I was a bit incredulous, when I heard it — but before our retreat yesterday, I took the plunge and submitted to his guidance. I never felt so totally worked out and relaxed, in such a short period of time, as I did with this program. It also is available online, so you don’t need to come here directly to train in it.

Information here: https://zenmove.ch