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The blatant depravity of this cannot be described. And this urban copter shootery is merely to up the mental mayhem in the neighborhood of Europe’s largest nuclear reactor while it is being inspected by international experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrives to inspect the condition of this fragile plant, stocked with Russian guns and munitions. Every person on the planet would be infected by any release, making this plant the world‘s largest human shield.

And paired in the information space with flagrant Russian propaganda, sent out as “facts”, dressed up as “UkraineNews”, is this official-looking account. Is this what a Russian bot looks like? Is that what is meant by the term? Not being sarcastic here… The lines of reality are blurred and smudged, utterly by design — pure nihilism:

I don’t want to get too involved in this evil corner of the distracted mind — checking Twitter at lengths of time that do lead to being maimed by its capacity to spread more illusion, to tempt you into misinformation wormholes. Twitter basically exists for me as an augment to my lifelong daily newspaper habit. I never post or share — not interested in drawing any attention. Just checking the news. But the head can definitely be messed with there, I’ve been discovering.

If it’s not designed to misinform you, it’s also designed to drive you mad with the implications of the misinformation: real life fascist death-cult (in the US as well):


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