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Zen Monk at the Race Track

I have been invited this weekend to give meditation counseling to a disciple who is racing this weekend on the UK’s fastest race track. An aspiring racer beginning in the Formula One circuit, moving his way up, he has recently felt gripped by panic and anxiety in his development as a racer, which, of course, when you are racing at nearly 200 km/h on a wet, slick track, could be a sub-optimal mental burden to carry, we have to admit.

Needless to say, being a meditation guide in such an environment — amidst the deafening roar of engines, the reek of fuel and exhaust, and (what’s troubling most for me) large crowds of mindless spectators gathered only to watch super-engines hurling themselves around a closed loop at blinding speeds – – is completely new territory for me to offer the mind-hacks and technologies of Zen meditation. “The Ten Oxherding Pictures” show the development of the practicing life along the Path, resulting — in the very last frame — in the practitioner “returning to the marketplace“ to offer the fruits of wisdom and compassion that come from meditation practice. But this is not exactly what I think they had in mind!

Bring it on — I’m all in, for wherever the Dharma might lead.

Expect some interesting posts here from the experience over the coming weekend.

Will be among much faster wheels this weekend.

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