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Time Matters

This neon sign in the main gate of one of Regensburg’s most central cemeteries caught my eye yesterday:

Here it is, magnified:


“Time matters.” This caught the eye as I cycled through Regensburg recently, hanging on the gate of a cemetery.

The fact that this neon sign is written in English — both on the exterior of the gate and on the interior of the gate, for people both entering leaving the cemetery – – in a very German cemetery filled with probably 99% Germans, therefore even for the (nearly all German) people who might visit – – is significant and remarkable. And the epitaph can be read two ways, as in “Time does matter,” and “[These tombs/remains are] Matters of time.”

It’s only a matter of time, folks.

This epitaph is especially true, transposed directly below the original empty-hope Christianist epitaph on the gate: “Deine Toten werden leben.” (“Your Dead will live.”)

So, one of the things written on this gate is true, and one is false. Can you tell which one?

Here is a hint:

As the Zen poem says:

Now THAT is a complete teaching. Just can’t fit it easily into neon, that’s all.

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