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The Banality of (responding to) Evil


Even Hannah Arendt mightn’t have imagined the oppressed so sotted with the “normality“ of brutality in return. And there is no false equivalency meant here, either. Quite the opposite in the scales. But it is chilling to see, nevertheless. The scariest part is to notice how much one’s own sense of righteous indignation is not so completely appalled by this humiliation delivered back to the oppressor. It makes me sad that we have gotten this way, or never really got far from it after all.

The Holy Teachings of Zen Master Housefly


This is the YouTube record of last night’s first livestream broadcast of the summer retreat season (June 1-30).

Even if you don’t/can’t/won’t watch the whole thing, there is a short, quickie Dharma talk at the very beginning (start at 13:08) that perhaps some of you might find interesting. It concerns a fat, juicy house-fly banging on the window behind me as I sat down to do the Evening Bell Chant to start the practice. What a great Zen master is this fly!

The sound quality is not excellent, but with some attention, you can make out what this fly is teaching YOU about your life, and about mine.

Evening Zen 저녁예불 및 정진 /// LIVE Zen from ZCR

Only TWO Ways


This is absolutely true. It is certainly the teaching of Zen, of Vaidanta, of real yoga (as opposed to the exercise-only kind), of Taoism, and of the Christianity of St. Francis, Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, et al.:

h/t: Ifigeneia O.