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Thank You Very Much for Subscribing to Our Channel


It actually does help us when people who enjoy our content actually subscribe to our YouTube channel. The Almighty Algorithm is something I never had any notion of, until the lockdown occurred and we put content online for our members far and wide. Soon, my techie disciples were emphasising to me that I should remind people to get more involved. I did not know, but the algorithm smiles beneficently on an active channel, thereby spreading out our teachings to a wider audience than would ordinarily occur if the algorithm did not love us as His Only-Begotten Zen sangha.

So, thank you for your love and support. Thank you for subscribing. It really gives practical aids to our ability to carry out this beautiful work.

Here is the link to go at it, straightaway: https://www.youtube.com/user/cloudpath108


The Whole Kit-and-Caboodle of Zen


For point of emphasis, however, I must note that it is my family-tradition in Zen (and the doorway to any awakening) to not only hear the sound of the birds — or the car passing by outside, or the sound of a dog barking, or a chainsaw in the distance — but in the hearing (seeing, smelling, tasting, etc.), to turn the wordless questioning-awareness to the source of awareness: “WHO hears that?” “What witnesses this breath, happening, this floor below? Who witnesses? What is it? Who?” Only this turning leaves thinking no road to wander aimlessly on, and no “thing” to focus on: Only don’t know appears vastly, boundlessly, infinitely, right at that spot. Then the bird-sound and you become one. The car-sound and you become one. Everything and you become one, which means all these names and false distinctions just melt into emptiness, and there is only the perfect freedom everywhere of the Unborn.

Climate Privilege, or…


Amid truly horrific scorching weather in Pakistan and India, it has been chilly enough here in Bavaria that people are still wearing winter coats, and even some people are seen still wearing scarves in the morning — on May 30.

Is this climate privilege?