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The Local IS the Global

Another fucking infernal selfie but there’s no other way to not include this spontaneous soul drop-by while down on the Lower East Side, down here in Little Ukraine, finding myself outside St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church (who would’ve imagined?) where they are raising funds for the effort. There are Ukrainian flags all over the neighborhood.

The Zen Center Regensburg has donated to a Ukrainian women’s veteran association, and I have donated to a front-line first aid organisation. (It was announced in a previous post, to encourage others to do the same) I will be happy to pay it increased bread prices when I return to Germany next month, and into next winter, when it will really begin to bite world-wide and test these sanctions. But I am OK with paying higher fuel and food costs. This is a battle against darkness and medievalism, pure and simple, egged on by a church steeped in Iron Age worldviews. We must support, wherever we can.

The local is the global.

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