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Drizzly Tuesday Morning, Westchester County

How his workday unfolds for Gregory after waking the girls and delivering one to school, one to her job (he’s prepped a hearty sandwich and thermos of her favorite tea for the day out in the elements). Finally, some time alone for precious Greg to reflect on matters related to his business, as an art dealer with a keen eye for Renaissance masterpieces.

It is such a rewarding experience to see your brother as a fully integrated male. Filled with a certain ambition to succeed at his work, yes, but sticking to ethics and principles, and always consulting with scholars in the field and doing much study on his own. Yet, while shouldering his patriarchal duties faithfully, he is soft and supporting to the two strong women in his household. He cooks special meals that will nourish them. He is aware of the quality and the nutritional content of the fuel the wife and daughter take in, sure to give them something which is healing and building. He adds protein and omega-3 to a special daily shake he prepares for right-after-school snack! I think they leave the dirty dishes around for a little longer than we do in a Zen center, but he is carrying so much, so gently, with such clarity and stability in himself while he shoulders his truly enormous personal responsibilities. It’s strange these days remembering him as the helpless little kid I used to rough up and horseplay sometimes in an over-crowded household of murky sadness in our suburban NJ youth!

Older brother in rain-meditation samadhi…

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