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Bye Bye to Li’l G

Giulia is my niece, Gregory’s only daughter. She is really more faerie than human or even angel. She is certainly from another realm of existence. I’m so sorry we’ve trashed what we’ve so senselessly trashed when I think of her. (Any image of Greta Thunberg in my feed brings also an image of this li’l forest-sprite. She comes from tough stock on her mammy’s side: a beautiful and strong former womens pro football player (New York SHARKS), now a self-employed master gardener/landscaper. If there was a movie about Leslie, I’d want it to be the Sigourney Weaver of “Alien”. There could be nobody else.


Pure intensity, a driven intelligence, a passion for challenge and and physicality, and belief in honest living with the environment of all beings, Leslie is really a force of nature. Lots of good Midwestern ethics, rock-solid principles, an athlete’s sense of fair play, and wanting to do her part to help the world while simultaneously helping her family and her community.

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