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Too Late

Too late for that email, Defense Minister Shogui. The self is not a matter that can be resolved through thinking. You gotta be ready all the time for that moment in front of the empty window, Dimitri. You gotta have matters locked up with your True Self well before then!

I take no glory in this, the dark humor of this joke centered around the propensity for so many Kremlin enemies to have “fell from open window: suicide” as the preferred cause of death. In Buddhism, suicide is considered the heaviest sin of all, so long. And yet, as a monk I am disturbed to notice an emergent wish for someone else in the photo to maybe take that step — the karma hell-step, if just to stop the depravity in Ukraine, especially in Mariupol and yet everywhere. This demonic folly will impoverish the Russians for several generations, trying to pay the immense reparations for rebuilding all of this insanity.

And there will be hate. Oh, boy – – there will be hate.

I definitely wouldn’t mind Putin committing suicide, and I notice wishing that one of his guards would take him out.

So, yes, I have been working with the emergence in my life of unconsciously or consciously wishing a person’s death. It is a strange mind-experience to have. But there it is. I’m noticing it present even in my seated meditation — nothing gnarly or intense, just the thought arising itself and drifting into emptiness again. I am surprised to see that the thought I wish for, the end of this, might involve someone’s death by their own hand.

Or rather, from their head. All of this madness and pointless destruction has occurred for no other reason than because of an idea in the head of one person in that photo (maybe two, at some point — it does not really matter how many conspired together for this). Some strands of molecules of arrogant ego and self-agreement — literally chemical reactions in those skulls — have unleashed unspeakable carnage and vast destruction and socio-political shock which will require the efforts of millions and millions to restore, once this nihilistic war finishes. And all that completely needless repair work, so destructive for the climate and lasting a decade or more if at all, is possible only if we escape Armageddon in the process.

Socrates told us, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” And the land of Tolstoy is now led by such un-self-reflective serpents, that all human life and much of the biosphere itself might not be deemed worth living. If those brains face ultimate humiliation, use the ultimate game-stoppers — even a mini-tactical — in a “Fuck me? Well, fuck you! Whattya do about this?” — we’re off to the races.

The time to start practicing is now. The time to WAKE UP is now.

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