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The Racist Party

I try not to get into politics here on the blog, which was intended merely as a forum for sharing teachings off the cat-video scroll of Facebook. I don’t go into politics because I don’t want to be divisive, and politics is, by its very nature, just lots of “good”/”bad” thinking, which is division. It doesn’t light the path to practice, which is what I wish to do, after all.

But I am deeply concerned, as I always, with rising levels of human suffering, especially war and growing inequality, and estrangement from the human community due to mental illness (sometimes called “homelessness”). And I know two bright people living on the streets in the US. Above all, the looming climate catastrophe is something that is often on my mind, for most of the day. So I remain connected to the news to see some of the trend lines on matters I care about which are directly conditioning present human suffering. It’s like taking the pulse of the current human mind. Just as I was reducing this checking in, the war erupts in Ukraine. Extreme savagery and extreme bravery arise before us, and how can one not want to know where this might be heading or not?

So, I will just just need to post this one statement of discovery I just had: The Republican Party in the United States is, truly and in fact, an out-and-out white-nationalist movement, employing Biblical scripture as its shield and its sword, an organising principle helping it to network, communicate, and engage deeply with corporate greed in the belly of the greatest economic and cultural civilisation the world has ever seen. It is actually a racist party, from its roots (and I mean the roots lying in the (mainly) Southerners who posed as Dixie Democrats) The roots in those slave-owning states and wherever they are celebrated by their co-religionists in neighbouring states.

I always knew that racism was extremely important to the Republican base. After years of merely sensing this as a bug, not a feature, today I realised that it is simply a fact. It is part of the design of that particular political movement. There have never been repercussions from its followers when these politicians trade in racist tropes. In fact, their movement is built around the fear that “brown” and “black” people want to get free things from them, when there are far more poor whites who benefit from government assistance! Tropes and dog-whistling are all they are good at anymore. And this glee of theirs is a toxic beast masquerading as virtue and faithfulness.

This entire pointless post (which I shouldn’t be doing, and will desist from), is this: My brain seems to have had an event today where it just ‘clicked’ on the final and complete realization that a political party now rising back into power in the U.S., and which might very well seat the next President, is, in fact, a white-nationalist theocratic movement (as opposed to “like a white-nationalist theocratic movement…”), murderously promoting the interests of corporate greed and attendant climate destruction in the name of an everlasting life elsewhere.

That’s it.


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