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A Russian general helicopters in close to the front inside Ukraine to boost morale by handing out a few awards and ribbons, and in this mini-video, you can see the total gangsterism that is the Russian military. They gather a few Russian youngsters pulled from the battle in clothing that looks like it was washed today, little lambs being sent off to slaughter, pinned to the chest with a cheap piece of nihilistic glory shit out by their Kremlin uber-patriarchy. It’s so heartbreaking to see this!

But it is the demeanor of the general here, how much he looks and moves and behaves like a gangster. There is no dignity shown to each soldier, no looking in the eye. A few performative gestures to show solidarity, but he clearly wants to get his ass out of there and is doing this for the cameras. When he finally shakes their hands for the last time, near the end of this short video, he is rushing so fast to get to his helicopter to safety that he hardly even acknowledges each one, racing down the line to get his fat ass out of there! The cynicism is mind-blowing!

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