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I’ve Become a Little More Brutal

Maybe it’s a sign of the urgency of the times, but I’ve noticed I’ve become much more broadly expressive about either practicing or not. Several really good people who have engaged to me for years in the wish to build a stable meditation practice in their lives, have the dillied and dallied around the edges of actually coming to real retreat and putting it all down and sitting in silence facing It. And yet they wish to have the occasional talk with me about the subject, or catching up. So I have noticed I do not get engaged anymore in this issue with people. I will even push them into it, if talk convinces them not to sit retreat, or I just have nothing to do with them. Until or if they come around. And several I have so clearly expressed this urgency to that it would be hard to have friendship again, unless they are meditating. Which I have only tried to encourage them to do, here or elsewhere. But to get a move on!

I have probably wielded the Zen stick a lot more these days than I feel comfortable with. I guess this climate crisis, then the pandemic conflict growing into pre-civil war underway in the US, and now this expanding war in Ukraine, I feel only urgency, urgency, urgency. Don’t take it personally, people.

This teaching comes from the “shit or get off the pot“ school. And I have perhaps too ruthlessly taken apart the unhelpful posing about meditation without having a genuine training in the practice themselves.

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