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Always Fascinating Ian Bremmer, on Russia and Ukraine

I can share here TED Conversation just this week with Ian Bremmer, a deep-seeing geopolitical thinker and consultant on international risk, in fact held just two days ago. He speaks to what is different now in the world and to where all of this war is heading. The “permanent decoupling from Russia” that will never return to the current situation “ante~” — it’s already being talked of as a permanent separation and violent divorce of fraternal civilizations. The Russian implosion is coming even within the next few days, Bremmer says, when the Russians wake up locked out of world commerce, who experience the utter worthlessness of their money in a system which has no goods, which cannot invest or borrow or lend, which crashes down into possibly wildfire social unrest in the streets of Russia.

I learned a lot from this. Great long-form conversation.

What the War in Ukraine Means for the World Order | Ian Bremmer | TED

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