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Absolutely Negative

Well, I am finally released from official quarantine. It was a very, very hard ride for several days – – the most intense body aches and chills I can remember ever having. Still left with brain fog and headaches, and a weird twitching in my face. The doctor is wondering if it is some neurological damage, as the spike proteins of the Covid virus do pass the usually impenetrable brain blood barrier. They are checking for some connections over the next few days.

I am tentatively scheduled to attend an event in South Korea later this month. Just obtained a highly restrictive one-week visa which would permit me to visit without needing to quarantine, absolutely limited to movement only within the space of the event, for one week maximum.

My doctor is advising me strongly against taking on such a trip if I don’t feel absolutely recovered. He says that, if I make such distant travel, could elongate the “long Covid“ effect for a few more weeks.

I would truly wish I could attend this event, as it is designed and curated by two really, really great friends (Daniel and Oma), total visionaries whose work I believe in so deeply. I need to see some specialists this week, maybe yet another MRI (a brain scan), and then see how this plays out over the weekend, before making a decision.

It has been a very challenging Winter Kyol Che just concluded. First the deterioration of my knee requiring surgery, then a hemorrhoidal problem which also needed minor surgery, and then Covid -– all three of these things happening within a two month period.

Glad to have some relaxed Hae Jae spirit!

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