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A photo from back in the day, in those years of crazy asceticism in Korea (circa 2001).

The monk standing next to me in both photos, Dae Soeng Sunim, is one of my closest monk-brothers. Got me into some truly epic shitloads of trouble.

I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I tried to reciprocate, but — well, the guy is a pro.

(The reason why he is wearing kneepads is because he was, on that very day, completing an arduous circumambulation of the Kyeryeong Sahn Mountain range doing a “three-steps, one-bow” practice — something like 80 kilometres of taking three steps and performing one full prostration on the ground, forehead touching the earth. It is to clean out dead karma, purify the mind, and induce a more effortless humility in the soul. We might have gotten really wasted that night.)

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