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Separated at Birth

It has been such a singular honor to have practiced this winter Kyol Che with my Dharma brother, Hyon Mun Sunim. He has enriched the practice and the lives of many during this strange and interesting retreat. (“Strange” because both he and I have been managing the health issues of ageing and accumulated wear-and-tear — we have not always been present together in the Dharma Room during practice, and I was absent for the longest stretch I ever experienced in a retreat.)

Hyon Mun Sunim is a treasure of the Sangha, and it is a singular honor to call him friend and brother. We have always shared a very special bond together.

It’s great to see that he might be related to a dead pope. The resemblance is uncanny. This is, after all, the pope as a result of whose ascension to the papacy I was given the name “Paul”.

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