World-Class Idiocy

Earlier today we learned that one of our local members is unvaccinated. Despite this, she has been attending evening practice unmasked since the beginning of the pandemic — chanting, sitting meditation, and drinking tea and chatting in the kitchen, including with an immunocompromised resident. When she tried to enter practice tonight, we treated her the same way that Australia treated the top-ranked pro tennis star and proud anti-vaxxer, Novak Djokovic, who is also apparently a world-class idiot: she was turned away at the door. She immediately began sobbing, as if some right had been taken away from her. But what about the rights of the elderly resident here, and the resident who has struggled with such a level of immunocompromised disease that she recently entered a coma, and lingered at death’s door?

I’m not paranoid about the virus, but I guide a residential community which includes an unhealthy elderly person and the immunocompromised woman. I’m also the son of a woman who had a doctorate in biochemistry: I’m not unable to sift through some of the competing arguments about the virus and its several medical interventions. (I also believe that the virus was very likely leaked from a lab, so I have some autonomous thinking on the matter which bucks the mainstream media viewpoint.) No one who knows me for ten minutes would ever accuse me of bowing to crowds, disinformation, or conventional wisdoms.

But we must all take a stand against rank ignorance. There’s absolutely zero patience for that. That’s all — nothing personal.

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