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My Weekend Reading

If you truly want to understand how and why humanity missed the chance to resolve the climate crisis beginning when we first had information about it, or in the 3+ decades since, here’s your book. Wow, this really explains so much about the mentality of America and its grotesque celebration of capitalism‘s most extreme version of itself. Bill McKibben is one of humanity’s most valuable voices. Reading his classic, The End of Nature, 30 years ago first opened my eyes to the situation we find ourselves in, and they cannot ever be closed again. This book, his latest, throws the eyes wide, wide open. Now it all makes sense, this senseless global suicide pact. The missing pieces have been sitting in plain view all along.

I’m not finished with the book yet. He says that, in the last chapter, there are some hopeful messages and practical ways to adjust ourselves to this crisis, and perhaps to overcome it.

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