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Dr. Alexandridi Teaches You the Breath

[ Anetta Teaches You Breathing ]
Μάθημα Ανάσα & Νους

One of the exciting new (and very substantial) Dharma teachers out there, who heads up a highly-regarded psychotherapy practice out of her Ashtanga studio/Zen Center in Athens, Synthesis Center Athens, Dr. Anetta Alexandridi PhD is a longtime student of Zen with deep and committed experience in the healing arts. A recognised and beloved yoga teacher, she is always furthering her work in the work of the Soul. She has attended several long retreats at Zen Center Regensburg e.V.

Raised in America and Greece, Dr. Alexandridi will be producing content in English quite soon. We can’t wait.

I am extremely happy and excited to share her unique energy and bodhisattva-heart with the world.

The description for this video is in Greek. It says:

Here you will see how the Breath & Mind lessons are done in Synthesis Center Athens.
We started close-contact practice, then went online. Now we are practicing only through Zoom, since most people preferred it.
In the lessons we start with breathing exercises, and then we stay for a while in the silence of the moment. Each lesson is different, with some basic exercises being repeated.
One of our students wrote the following after this lesson, and so we said to upload it freely on YouTube (normally the recordings are only open to registered students).

“I will not be able to watch it with you today, but I look forward to it.
Last Monday, then I was like I had taken caffeine, a good amount, so I got in the mood to do things quickly and happily, before I fell asleep. The next few days I did the exercises in the morning, instead. It was a little harder for me to concentrate at first — I did not go into trance as much as when we were together, to feel that we were flying in relaxation, but then the time of day seemed more … like the same work was done, faster!
Thank you so much! “