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Our work here at Zen Center Regensburg comes from beautiful things. We are inspired to do this practice because we are people who simply want to stay awake and keep clear eyes in a world of darkness and confusion. Apparently, the universe responds from time to time with sending us the necessary resources to off this work, for free, on the internet, for anyone to find. These efforts require the involvement of professionals, and we were forced to invest in ever better equipment for the transmission of this practice live from our Dharma Room.

People support me in a small group on Patreon. In Asia, nuns and monks are supported with donations that help with their medical expenses, their travel costs and incidentals like a monthly phone (or “data”) bill that everyone in this world carries. When I left the monastery’s safe confines to teach out in the world, I needed to remain highly dependent on cash donations from Korea, even to put a little bread in my mouth. The Patreon Family provide me with a crowdsourced foundational means of doing this Work, rain or shine. And I am very grateful for that.

Also, there is a number of individuals who donate to the Zen Center (and to me personally) through PayPal. Due to the nature of PayPal, I cannot message the thanks I feel in this kind “vote of confidence” in the efforts here.

And another way that people support us is online, while the free twice-daily live broadcast of our practice sessions here are running. They simply click their phone during the broadcast, and we have immediate information. (Unfortunately, I can only thank them at the end of the broadcast, because I am meditating at the time!) It does not happen every day like this, but it definitely helps.

You can also support this work with something as good as money: Please simply share as widely as possible the videos from our channel. Being subscribed, “liking” videos, and of course sharing them, are all really effective means in this Age of the Algorithm. People urge me to recommend this in videos, and ask the viewer directly to “like” or share or subscribe, but I refuse to. That’s somehow a bridge too far.

Thank you, all of you, for your constancy and your faith in this beautiful Work.

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