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The Lost Art and Science of Breathing /// James Nestor

I’m sharing here a great talk based on a great book. I found the book so compelling that it revolutionized my own use of the breath in practice. It confirmed intuitions that I had had, but never given so much attention to. I must have gifted this book to about 15 people already. And now I will make an order for five copies in both English and German. I just gave one German language copy away a few minutes ago. And simultaneously gave my last new English version of the book to someone else in the house Just tonight! And we seeded several copies of the book through Synthesis Center Athens for teachers and practitioners there to study. It is a truly essential book for any teachers of meditation, for sure.

The talk is well worth your time. Even if a bit too brief. But there must be other good material by him in video format available somewhere out there? Let me know.

The Lost Art and Science of Breath - James Nestor | Float Conference 2018

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