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You Get What You Need

So true.

The tweet today of the prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor Naval Ravikant.

Something he says elsewhere that I have also frequently urged on practitioners:

I have done this every night for years: Mantra practice, with the slightly lengthened out-breath, maintaining soft awareness of the movement of breathing, the space of breath. As you do this, you begin to notice the dissociation of the logical order of consciousness, almost like pressed particleboard peeling apart when damp — fragmenting, becoming disparate threads that don’t maintain the linear consistency or “order” that our wakeful mind causes “reality” to seem to be. When I keep the mantra going during this, there is then the stage of depth where I am asleep but vitally aware of each syllable of the mantra as it arises into view over the horizon of consciousness. I am also fairly aware of things happening in the near environment: someone using the shower next to my room, the sound of the church bells outside.

This practice is especially great for a power nap during the day: I wake up bright, fully refreshed, with body and mind feeling tight they have been completely reset. And just a 20 minute nap can present the benefits of having slept an hour or more, yet without the fogginess of a “lost” sleep, wondering aimlessly.

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