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“We’re at the End of the Beginning of the Pandemic”

You may have thought you heard enough news about the pandemic. And we all have.

But you haven’t heard anything truly substantial if you haven’t listened to a talk on the subject by the Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Sciences at Yale, the truly great Nicholas Christakis. He is one of America’s greatest public intellectuals, and a unique ploymath who puts our day-to-day struggle with this pathogen in the broader context of history.

This very, very short discussion on “Amanpour and Company” a few hours ago gives you all the information you need to really understand this. And if you have heard Christakis‘s recent three-hour conversation with Sam Harris, well, then, you’ll really have the best tools possible for navigating your way through this social, economic, mental, and epidemiological mess.

Please listen.

Yale Sociologist Nick Christakis: COVID-19 Will Reshape Humanity | Amanpour and Company

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