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A Gathering of the Tribe

I also believe that we were created for this moment, and that we need to free ourselves from unnecessary entanglements and distractions so that we can more fully embrace the work of waking up, on multiple levels.

As some of you know, the efforts of our community, these last few months, have become focused around releasing a well-rounded and complete video transmission of the teachings I received from my Teacher and from the Zen tradition in Asia. To be perfectly honest, in this entire project — the online course as well as the meditation app which follows — I am only working with one goal in mind: to leave tracks behind for when I disappear. These are tracks which people might constructively follow for the journey “back” to their True Self. I’m not doing this to project more “me” — it’s just to lay it all out there so I don’t have to run around anymore showing it to people every time from the ground up again. I am working to fashion a few digital tools which others might find practical for their own growth and emergence, as these tools were passed on to me by great teachers who I had access to. I want to release this, soon, not becuase I have any ambition to “become” something. There is nothing “next” for to achieve, anyway: I have already experienced fame, and money, and power, and praise and blame — and I have seen the ways that I can use/abuse these things to both elevate and debase myself and others.

It’s quite strange, but all these many hours of work — others more than me — simply to leave some tools behind so that I can engage other levels of spiritual discovery which might have become walled off, in a sense, by these three decades of a certain extremely focused tradition (Korean Zen, Kwan Um Zen) with their own blinders that come from any kind of organization or institutionalising of the practice..

This short film gives some sense of the bigger neighbourhood of meditation practice with which I align. For whatever it’s worth, it’s shared here.

A Gathering of the Tribe | POWERFUL Short Film by Charles Eisenstein w/ Jon Hopkins & Aubrey Marcus

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