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THIS Music

  1. Go to the website http://ivosedlacek.com:

2. Open the “play” button, bottom of screen;

3. Push the “play” button to reveal a playlist;

4. Hit the first selection,

5. “Bhairav 1 (Mystical Violin 1).

6. Enjoy…

This will be the music for our second “marketing” (announcing) video. It is a soundtrack for an entire life of practice… This so haunts me and challenges and inspires me.

Christmas Eve: “The Devil Will Find Work for Idle Hands to Do…”


The bum knee has me laid out. Most everyone is gone from the house to their family huddle-ups — just me and the precious Cretan, both equally inept at food-making. The normally chit-chattering back-atmosphere of passers-by outside Mun Su Am has been reduced to the sudden ambience of a tomb. Ah, there, now, are some ancient bells, pre-auguring the Midnight Mass in the cathedral unfolding. As the minutes pass, ever more layers of bells are added on. Every church in this ancient city now, it seems — they’re all filling now the dark empty night. The spirit opens. There is this still vastness, covering all things and in all things.

What’s a monk and a Greek to do in a Zen center without people? We have already done evening practice. It’s back to the editing lap-desk with heating pad installed and stoking.

Morrissey’s eternal bleating comes to mind, a revelatory Christmas Carol from hell: “The devil will find work for idle hands to do.” Even on Christmas Eve.


“The Science of Mind-Hacking” — with Sir John Hargrave


An excellent and very practical study of the brain-mind neighborhood of what we mean when we say/study this something called “mind”.

Author of Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days, Sir John Hargrave shares tips to hack your brain. This discussion is jam-packed with tips you can use in your daily life to get the most out of your brain function. In this episode:

  • The positive definition of hacking
  • Programming your own brain
  • How the mind and computers are alike
  • How mental clutter impairs optimal brain power
  • Creating good habits and getting out of ruts
  • The ZUG Book of Pranks
  • How Sir John’s drinking and drug use led him to mindhacking
  • How to create your own reality


Guest Bio:
Sir John Hargrave is the CEO of the media and communication company Media Shower (www.mediashower.com). He is the author of MIND HACKING: HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND FOR GOOD IN 21 DAYS, which was an Amazon and Audible bestseller. His other technology books include BLOCKCHAIN FOR EVERYONE (Simon & Schuster, 2019), as well as BLOCKCHAIN SUCCESS STORIES (O’Reilly, 2020). 

Christmas Eve Meal, Mun Su Am

Processed with Lensa with Auto Adjustments

“A day without work is a day without eating.”

Someone caught me here fuelling up on Christmas Eve after a few hours of hard mental work on these current projects. This is the only meal of the day, as usual, so we make it count: a large bowl of homemade broccoli soup loaded with ghee and coconut oil, fresh garden salad with a block of feta cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh German bread with slabs of real Irish butter. Everything is centered around helpful portions of organic locally-made kimchi – – the best, most living kimchi I’ve experienced in 30 years of eating the stuff. (It can be delivered Europe-wide from http://www.completeorganics.de — it’s the best kimchi that either I or our resident-Korean have ever experienced.)

Gotta Be Careful


The very latest work by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Matt Semke of www.catswilleatyou.com. Released just today, it’s titled “Meditation Ponzi”, and I better take its implications to heart, especially as we plow forward with soon releasing the upcoming “Online Course in Zen” and — maybe one day — that meditation app we designed just because we didn’t have better uses of our time during the rolling lockdowns.

“Meditation Ponzi” — is this what we’re building, our little digital Frankenstein’s monster?

Stay tuned (to your practice).