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Tuesday Morning, Below Mun Su Am

Descending the mountain for another trip to the orthopedist.

Waiting for the taxi

Full diagnosis later a: torn fucking inner meniscus, after all. Just as I’d known for over two weeks. But I made that trip to Athens anyway on it. Stiffened into this unworkable crippled Now.

The right inner is definitely not the best point for an injury to occur, but he said that at least there are “no hanging pieces”. Healing can occur, but it just requires time. Slow bicycle rides on the stationary are also OK. Drinking lots of collagen was a fantastic intuition. Heating pad several times a week, and starting to really catch up on sleep, finally. Now I’ve heard from Watkins and Huberman that that’s probably just an urban legend – – that we ever fully “catch up on it“ — but the sleep debt has been too real for too long. The early wake up, but the work that keeps pushing you to stay up nights near the computer. Answering things and editing. That pre-dawn relentlessness, but in the modern world, and this digital communication, often quite starved for rest. This knee is a great Teacher. Whatever it is showing, is being shown through being so slowed down. And simplified in movement. A hermitage of temporary infirmity within the community of others fit enough to keep the group schedule of waking up, I am indescribably lucky. Wonderful good karma, along with my (hopefully diminishing) bad karmas. It’s great to be Moment, right now.

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