Sunday Afternoon into Evening, Mun Su Am

The hacker has cooked up something for the house. It’s brought to my room to keep me off the stairs up and down. What a precious gift to receive this! I am filled with such gratitude, and humbled to have this kind of life where I am helped in this difficulty.

The house members eat together in silence at the table in the kitchen. Mine is at a lap-desk in bed.

The food-offering is uploaded:

The food-offering is gladly and deliciously downloaded:

The hacker’s organic kimchi jji-gae (유기능 김치찌) — kimchi soup. This today is the clearest cleanest most appropriately robust kimch jjigae eaten in a really long time. Excellent. I slurped it all up and could have handled more. But it was enough, too.

Then, back to some heating of the injured area again. Flat on the bed. Hopefully just a short way-station until I have enough physiotherapy and light movement to begin walking confidently on it again anytime soon. I can’t even imagine when that will be. Birth. Aging. Sickness. Death.

Lying hearing this:

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