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The Spread of Buddhism

Fascinating maps of the spread of Buddhist teachings of self-liberation throughout Asia.

Starting 500 years before the birth of Jesus, Buddhism spread through vast oceans of humanity without a single crucifixion, without a single beheading or lashing or stoning, without a single immolation or pogrom, without a single battle or crusade or “holy war” to get its point across. It never ever relied on the tip of a sword or the barrel of a gun, or even the threat of punishment — whether temporal or eternal.
Not one.

Pretty interesting stuff, if you pause to consider it for a moment.

Should be Page One news in every newspaper in the world.

Every single day.

Inspired by and modified from https://www.thearchaeologist.org/
Notice how the Buddhist teachings arrived in Korea first, and were transmitted from there to Japan. Few people actually know this important fact.
Apparently, someone needs to tell the Tibetans about Buddhism. It seems like perhaps a fear of offending someone…

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