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“Iceland Phantasy”

Introducing the ageless sounds of a stunning new soul I have discovered: IVO SEDLACEK (his website is linked there when you click on his name).

His “Bhairav 1” piece (also available on his website) might feature in our upcoming Online Course: Authentic Temple Zen. I am currently in discussions to bring that haunting mysticism — lightly tragic, elegaic, actually, and also tentatively hopeful — which stirs my ages-long wandering soul. His “Bhairav 2 (Mystical Violin II)” is also deeply spirit-stirring — profound, pregnant with experiences best left for sound only.

The video here for his “Iceland Phantasy” is a feast for the eyes as much as for the heart.


ICELAND PHANTASY (4K) - OMana handpan & spherical violin

This “Song of Transylvania” is also profoundly gripping:

SONG OF TRANSYLVANIA | handpan & spherical violin (Pavel & Ivo) 4K

Doing a little research, I found this shop that Ivo runs, offering soul-stirring tools: https://www.savitamusic.com/

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