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Working on the “Authentic Temple Zen” Meditation App in Athens

About six hours of this work with Christina, our user interface expert/designer, and already our brains are totally fried. We will hook up and resume the design of this “meditation ecosystem tool“ tomorrow. I have extended my stay here to really grab the opportunity.

Reflections from a note to my Patreon family:

With Christina in Athens. Building in all sorts of simple, intuitive user interfaces for people to bring the technology of “authentic temple Zen” into their own homes. I’m starting to get really, really excited about this! And also dreading the work and attention that it might yet bring. Still, not resolved inside about that, to be perfectly honest…

But it just seems more urgent, now more than ever, to produce the tools that can help new Dharma friends — and people unseen — the opportunity to build a structured practice through these addictive machines (and their app-tools), in these ever-so chaotic times.
Hence, the headache (and the constant backache). Need to do more Ashtanga (or mileage on the Peloton at home).

All of these tools and means to do this work, and to pay good professionals, comes from you, my Patreon supporters.

Reinvesting your generosity back into the development of tools of Dharma.

Thanks again for everything!

Sunim (& CB)

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