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This Beloved Sangha-Family

From his room in the Altstadt of Regensburg, Ioannis consults on Zoom with Stefanie north in Weinheim, in the Odenwald, from which monastery-parallel she oversees the various projects at ZCR growing like a bed of wild mushrooms. Ioannis creates from a gamer’s throne of a chair before a donated screen that he must move farther away from in order not to be overwhelmed by its scale and its brightness. There could be great damage there. We must be super-careful. Maybe downsize for all the editing projects. But everything gets worked out together. Everyone is practicing, sharing the same schedule and temple atmosphere, a mostly silent 90-day lifestyle while also doing the talking of these latest dumbass course-and-app projects, their completion and their distribution through some connected platform. The stuff sucks my brain when I’m asked to make some decision on some aspect of the functionality.

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