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My Sweet Assistant Super-Soul

Walking out for morning coffee near the Zen Center recently with the ever-multitasking super-soul known as Dr. Stefanie Becker PhD.

Oh, is it not impossible to love this thing so much? She is so forward-thinking, so clear-conceptual, so organizational, so fully integrated, so network-oriented, and therefore, she is completely fucking up my quiet existence with projects so much! She says she is making me into a “digital nomad” through all of these new digital projections like the unexpected “online course”, “online retreat”, and “meditation app” — a chance to create authentic autonomy for practicing and teaching through the online platform, less bothered by the onrush of administrative exigencies. But I genuinely fear the tsunami she imagines onrushing into my quiet practice.

I doubt it will help my quiet.

But I don’t doubt her. Never ever ever. Her soul is totally undoubtable. No wave-upon-wave of these sequential sine/cosine Greek dramas over recurring ephemeral nothingnesses — she is only pure reason, laughter, and love. I truly treasure the German rationality when it touches emotion but is not so swamped by its wavering signallings!

This is having some really good karma to work with such a “control the theater” management-type general as Dr. Becker.

She’s such a precious sensitivity, such clear and true knowing of this soul and-work even often before I voice them to her. There is inestimable gratitude to her, stretching lifetimes. Even if these coming projects crush us with work, in the beginning, if it benefits just one person somewhere to wake up and return to what they already are.

Back to work.

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