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Resurrection and 49-Day Ceremony for Chris (w/ Zander’s Mahler 2)

Listening to THIS, right now, on the train from Munich back to Regensburg, after officially welcoming Hyon Mun Sunim back to Europe.

We did a short, sweet 49 Day Memorial chanting tonight because today is the 49th-day of my brother, Christopher Paul Muenzen (M.D.) passing out of his body. Just today! Following the vast mixture of his karmic affinities, accumulated over a lifetime, he might be returning to (human?) bodily form.

Mahler: Symphony no. 2 - Benjamin Zander, Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra


Fourth Movement: Urlight (Primal Light)

Original German:English Translation:O Röschen roth!
Der Mensch liegt in größter Noth!
Der Mensch liegt in größter Pein!
Je lieber möcht’ ich in Himmel sein!
Da kam ich auf einen breiten Weg:
Da kam ein Engelein und wollt’ mich abweisen.
Ach nein! Ich ließ mich nicht abweisen:
Ich bin von Gott und will wieder zu Gott!
Der liebe Gott wird mir ein Lichtchen geben,
Wird leuchten mir bis in das ewig selig Leben!

O little red rose!
Man lies in greatest need!
Man lies in greatest suffering!
How much rather would I be in Heaven!
I came upon a broad road.
There came an angel and wanted to block my way.
Ah no! I did not let myself be turned away!
I am of God, and to God I shall return.
Dear God will grant me a small light,
Will light my way to eternal, blissful life!
—From Des Knaben Wunderhorn

Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony is what I consult after this sweet chanting with Sunim in Munich (and a taste of his supreme self-made medicinal liquor for the occasion, fermented from funeral ceremony eats he collected at Tae Go Sah temple in the parched desert of fire-driven California, from where he arrived to us several days ago!).

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