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Blog this Trip (28): Fat People!

When I first dove deeply into serious ketogenic eating, about seven years ago, the word “ketogenic“ needed to be explained to people. You got weird looks, as if you were doing something esoteric and possibly damaging. Now, there are whole subsections in the supermarket devoted to it, and innumerable Instagram posts extolling an entire lifestyle and culture that has grown up around it.

All of the latest science points to a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein regimen as having the best benefits for health, stamina, and longevity. But I got involved with it from the beginning due to the spiritual power of being released from the constant sugar-cycling of a carb-rich lifestyle. Relying on one simple meal per day, and only that, has significantly softened the reactive mind, and opened up a much more consistently balanced grounding in consciousness. That physical hunger that I experience for most of the hours of the day, is not a burden, or a difficulty to be “solved”– – actually, it has become refined over these years into this spaciousness, a clarity, a thoroughly reliable stability that is impossible to put into words. It “enhances” meditation. With all the talk we see these days around the emerging science on the benefits of intermittent fasting, from the physical to the mental, is it no wonder that this is a lifestyle which was promoted by a half-naked sage who urged his followers 2,500 years ago to eat just one time per day?

But the tank must eventually be filled. So, when someone offers me that single daily eating as a fat-rich meal, I don’t see “food”.

I see love.


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