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I’m Always Climaxing…

…and Robert Thurman puts it finally into words for you “why”:

He elaborates further:

Let me start right off, since my life has had a lot to do with “Buddhism,” which seems highly religious, by saying that what I am going to share with you is not the religion of “Buddhism” but the experience of “buddhasm,” the full release into joy that happens when we come face-to-face with the real reality. Our goal here is not to “believe in Buddhism,” not to “be religious,” not to join a cult or subscribe to a theory.
Our goal is to gain the clarity of mindful awareness and the joy of real freedom—no matter what our religion, belief system, or cultural membership.⁠⁠
I call that deep experience a “buddhasm.” And yes, I purposefully associate it with an orgasm, the blissful transport that every animal approaches with fear and trembling yet craves as a peak experience of life.

~ Robert A.F. Thurman via Elephant Journal


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