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Blog this Trip (12): Review the Schedule and Sleep

It’s really essential to have a clear daily schedule for the time that will be spent in the inviting city. There are often unanticipated appointments that people want to make, and so I like to have a clear idea of how the day will be flowing. It’s also so that I can manage my daily practice time well so that it does not interfere with what people expect of me here. I don’t do any sightseeing on these trips, and I don’t socialize – – it’s all the work of teaching Dharma. I’m always hoping to have an hour or two free, here or there in the schedule, to use as a please. I usually like to spend this kind of time sitting in a café, reading a book and just being non-active for a change. Being in a situation that doesn’t require me to speak is truly one of the greatest joys I can experience in everyday life.

11:30. Past my bedtime. Time to sleep. 취침.

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