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In the Realm of the Raging Demons

Think it’s not real, what the Buddhas describe, of the possibility of animal consciousness lurking in human forms among us? And inside us?

Am I alone wondering if there is some ripening explosion fast a’coming in the USA? There is this mega church-gripped, Bible-blinded rejection of the entire political order, the social compact, too, in the service of establishing some neo-theocratic retry of the 1950s on steroids. They utterly reject any secular government and its courts that might permit two men to marry, or a woman to control her own destiny equally to men. The rage is bursting at the seams.

This poor bus driver, so gripped with the limbic demon of her own unexamined thinking! And what hells she can transmit to others, the children who were so made to cry that this mother came out and provided this record of the engagement. “If one mind is clear, the whole universe is clear. If one mind is not clear, hold universe not clear!”

The most chilling part of the whole witnessing to this was seeing the driver continue her enraged ranting even after she had closed the doors and was driving off! While she was engaging other traffic, she was still fighting back over her shoulder, as I remember. This was seeing a particularly vicious dog-mind, which dog-mind is only unable to bite deep because of some leash, in this case her steering wheel and how many childrens’ souls! Such things would not have been possible in my childhood.

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