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Family Teamwork

Work on the online course proceeds apace. The urgency of getting this material edited and packaged properly, has caused the “meditation app” project to be idled for the time being. It seems appropriate that a curriculum of clear, structured guidance in developing a home meditation practice come first, as an online course, and only then would the release of the meditation app make more practical sense. Zen means “follow situation”.

Today, from this little stone hut located in a gorge outside Kalamata, in the Peloponnesus mountains, in an Airbnb location rented without WiFi, I was able to piggyback off the hotspot on one of our iPhones here to have a video conference with our creative team, my supremely beautiful Dharma family. Stefanie is in the control tower directing things from Zen Center Regensburg; Pablo is doing the cutting and editing in Graz, Austria, spinning wonderful graphics, as well; while meanwhile Ioannis is, well, doing a really excellent job at being Ioannis in Thessaloniki, keeping the hawk’s-eye of a film school graduate on the “feel” of the whole thing. (He is currently occupied with helping a TV crew from the USA which is in Greece on some film shoot for a few weeks. But he still advises us on all aspects.) And our other Ioannis, vacationing in a village near the Turkish border, meanwhile builds the programming infrastructure for this whole architecture of Zen guidance to function with an interactive user interface. And precious CB — oh, Christina B.! — meanwhile refines the UX and “look” for our meditation app from the island of Syros, deep in the Aegean.

It’s already a huge blessing to know and practice meditation with such people. On top of that, to have these skills on your side, in a project such as this, is priceless.

I don’t know how we got here – – there wasn’t a plan for any of this. I honestly have no “gaining“ idea or ambition for it all. Even if just 10 or 15 people use any of this, and get even a smidgeon of workable benefit for their everyday lives, it will have been well worth the effort if it helps them to have more clarity for navigating the looming mental shoals of life in our current world experience.

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