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These Days’ Rainy Season at Songgwang Sah Temple’s Summer Kyol Che 2021

Photos published today show how very high is the runoff these days during the summer monsoon season at Songgwang Sah temple, in Suncheon, Chollanam-do, South Korea. The normal water level is usually much lower than this.

Songgwang Sah is the temple in which I did 5 of the 90-day retreats (“ango”) during the years 2002-2016. It is a very strict traditionalist temple: our daily schedule, for several of those retreats, was sitting meditation beginning at 02:00 and finishing at 10 pm, for 90 days with no variation whatsoever. A brutal schedule, but one that really strengthened the practice on so many levels. I still have fond memories of the place, and would perhaps like to sit one more retreat there. But that has already been let go of, at least for the next few years. Probably longer than that.

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