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Donations This Week

Three donations to the Zen community this week: a Zen cookbook from Mark R., one of our members from the Netherlands; a liter of traditional Hadanger cider sent by one of our members, Kåei, from Norway; and a traditional keffiyehs from our beloved Munich member, Leila, whose family comes from Ramallah, Palestine. The keffiyehs here is a very special one: it is from the Hirbawi Textile Factory in Hebron, which is the last Palestinian-owned keffiyehs manufacturer in Palestine. (I had bought a keffiyehs during the Second Intifada, many years ago, but lent it to someone and never got it back.)

As per Korean temple tradition, offerings sent to the community are presented on the altar in the Dharma Room. The donations will stay there for several days. When the offerings are placed on the altar, we light a stick of incense and bow three times to the altar. We are not bowing to the “objects“, but bowing in gratitude to the generosity-mind of the donator who thought of the community and has made some effort to support it. Each of these donators, in addition to these objects, have also made substantial financial donations to our work in the past.

If you would like to contribute to our efforts here, please contact us through our office: zen.center.regensburg@gmail.com

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