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wrestle your self — a way

The normally-lived mind always shifting never still eyes checking everything…

All visions: Matt Semke.
“sitting so so still” (2021)

so many minds too many minds

“sitting pretty” (2021)

relational complications appear

”I see that we’re stuck in imagining we’re stuck” (2021)

so many minds so many minds

”wrestle your self” (2021)

one way is to pick and analyze it

”pick my brain” (2021)

or just bring it into being practice perceiving phenomena for what they really are…

”bring it into being” (2021)

…thinking /// thinking makes reality…

”ripples over nipples and waves of raves” (2021)

search for true nature, don’t know, the witness of phenomena

”blaze the way”

but the light is not something to be searched with like intellectual grasping just attain light-itself

”candle” (2021)

then let practice do its thing

”stay still and let it do its thing”

practicing consistently over time

“auto lunatic”

stable in true nature abiding focused

“focus pocus”

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