We Still Don’t Get It

Tonight, on the first real day of the beginning of the opening from long lockdown in Greece, on a street outside the sounds of people dining and laughing — things which had become unfamiliar in our year-long collective ghost-town experience.

And inevitably, the sounds of shouting, someone screaming at another. I think a fight broke out. A really fearsome fight outside. Two men are screaming at each other in what seems like a challenge. Then, a woman’s voice joins on one side of the conflict.

On the first night of opening up.

Human beings need this virus, more than we may have realised. Maybe it could become a quadrennial event, for training humility and forbearance.


The New York Times today on the risks that Greece is taking to open up earlier than other countries. Hopefully, things will be handled well. The country has done an amazing job so far, it’s a good sign.


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