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Our Current Existential Dangers: Biosynthetic Pandemic-events Are Coming

A science podcaster and tech entrepreneur looks into the current future more crippling pandemics that await us. Biosynthetic viruses will be among us.

A long, four-hour conversation. With scientific research. A leading thinker on the development of bio synthetic viruses, in labs, describes some escaping and doing much more threat to our civilization than the current mini-stopper, by comparison.

An excellent and necessary conversation. I have just started it. Just listen to the first two minutes and you will understand why. I will spend my day with this after work.

The entire four hour conversation is free even for non-subscribers. Sam released this as a PSA, to inform the public. No pay wall. The bodhisattva of compassion (and intellectual incredulity), Sam, offers this to us sleeping to awaken.

Special Episode: Engineering the Apocalypse by Rob Reid and Sam Harris

Sam calls this conversation a “by turns fascinating and harrowing meditation on the future of synbio and global pandemic.”

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