Letter from a Reader: “Find Your Center” // 단전을 잦기위하여

It’s 8:23 on Saturday in Regensburg. This exchange, just now.



End of reply.

This is one of those reasons why this new meditation app must appear. So that there is a place, all in one place, where these questions have already been answered for others, and people can find the pointers there. Until then, I am needing to restate this teaching again and again and again. It is no grudging, no! – I feel great joy that people take interest in this practice, and wish to do it. But there are so many aspects of the initial-stages of sitting in meditation, much less how to manage authentic practice of mind, and it is physically impossible to be restating the alphabet on so many overlapping matters so often. It’s just not possible — there’d need to be a secretary. Attendant.

And it is no one’s fault but my own, for not having some clearly delineated curriculum out there for people already. But this is new. I have never really experienced before this sudden need to instruct so many people at distances through words on a page who I have never met before. Guiding them in some of the deepest regions of the human spirit, through meditation, which can actually be technologies which don’t fit to certain psychological arrangements. Maybe someone doesn’t benefit from it. Yet they practice because I am online. And I have some responsibility for that. But not the energy.

I thought the video teachings on cloudpath108 were giving that message already. But we did make an effort on our website to give as many guidances for sitting as would be possible in words. The rest is just experience.

More work. But it needs to be done, before the app: It seems that I need to do one complete video explaining the basics of sitting meditation. All of these questions answered in one go. Then that could be a curriculum to point people towards. I need to do this. I need a model. No one wants to look at some old guy sitting on the cushion. Some young vibrant practitioner. Need a model! Need a model! Male or female, doesn’t matter.

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