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New Video: “Terror, Retreats, and Zen” // 새 비디오 법문: “테러, 사찰식 묵언정진 수련, 그리고 선 (禪那)”

Dropping a new video. Tell us if they’re no longer useful for supporting your daily practice, or just more distraction, we’ll stop cranking them out. Releasing each video feels like a spinning Tibetan prayer wheel sending some aspect of the Dharma out into the Internet space. This is only what is foolishly hoped for — using social media’s self-promotion algorithm gods who must be served. But we can stop. We are absolutely not committed to some sort of mission with this. Please tell — tell us when to stop!

The link to the as-yet unreleased video. It will premier during the regular livestream Morning Practice that we always hold except for this week.


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