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Moment-to-Moment Man Haeng in Munich /// 뮌헨으로 만행

I had a short visit out to Munich for one day, all masked up and super-vigilant. But now it’s after being together strongly over several days before that. Today was a lightning Munich return right after leading Sunday morning mainly Korean, any Q&A time, back here to Munich only to answer a kind and unexpected invitation to the home of a great matriarch before we all spread into several directions for work and cannot meet again for the next several weeks like this… A stopover in the nunnery, and laughing on the balcony under this brilliant sky.

In the morning before sunrise, up and caring for the livestream which we project remotely as a rerun now, I will be back in Regensburg early, back in the temple again before lunch.

See you all in the livestream beginning on Monday night live from Zen Center Regensburg again. Please forgive the lack of live transmission for this one day.

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