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The Zen in Easter

In the Christian faith, Easter tells the story of resurrection. In meditation, or “Zen,” there is also resurrection. But it is not a resurrection of the fleshly body, or something called a “soul.” The Zen in Easter means waking up, from moment to moment, to our perfectly calm and clear not-moving just-now mind. Our before-thinking mind has no life, and has no death. It never appears or disappears; is not tainted or pure; does not increase or decrease. It has no name or form — and it certainly isn’t either Buddhist or Christian, or male or female. But if we only follow our thinking, entering the dead thoughts which appear and disappear, then we need only to “wake up” from this cycle of samsara, and return to our life, just as it is: we are already complete!

That is the message, the experience of “resurrection” in Zen.

Zen in Easter /// Hyon Gak Sunim /// 현각스님 /// 부활 속에 있는 선(禪)

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