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Joscha Bach’s Theory of Mind


I do not know much about this man. But I heard a conversation he had on Lex Fridman’s podcast, and immediately found him to be compelling, absolutely sincere, and saying things that lined up so eerily well with insights of the Buddha as expressed in The Avatamsakka Sutra: “If you wish to understand the nature of the whole universe, you must attain that everything is created by mind alone.”

Joscha is maybe one of the main reasons to check in with Twitter now and then – – he constantly drops these powerful nuggets of truth. In any event, I find that his insights – – at least those released on Twitter – – certainly align very strongly with what is experienced through meditation, when the chatter of thoughts completely die away – – at least, through my own meditation, which I would be foolish not to take as a universal standard of what is possible.

“I am not a brain, I am not an organism. I am a story created by a brain.” Beautiful insight.

Dae Soen Sa Nim’s oft-quoted dictum comes to mind here: “The mind makes the body, and the body makes the mind.”